Spending Diety Points

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This was taken from this forum thread.

Command Line Format

The command follows the following format:

/spend_deity_point <spell "ID"> <ignore prompt flag>

So, let's say I wanted to buy Devastation of War without getting the prompt of "Are you sure...":

/spend_deity_point 1715321272 1

That would buy one rank of Devastation of War without any popup prompt boxes.

Spell ID Numbers

2951281460 Potency
2479066486 Crit Bonus
958976882  Stamina
488052651  Mantle of the Prime Healer
2216576529 Embodiment of Truth
4078532231 Grace of Tranquility
1836966692 Life Shield
444257202  Mark of the Huntress
2282608707 Judication
285510137  Power of the Storm
1711520111 Trickster's Mockery
4167511244 Strength of the Heartstone
2405440602 Flames of Anguish
374820151  Anashti's Reaping
2405309581 Plaguebringer's Curse
4166593563 Erosion of Will
1715321272 Devastation of War
289048878  Hate's Resolve