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Main Menu
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Guild Related

Guild Commands

/gabdicate – Unknown
/gdisband – Disband your guild if you are leader
/ginvite playername – Invites target player to guild
/gquit – Leave your current guild
/gremove – Removes target player from guild
/gsetrank – Sets player rank in guild
/guild – Chat only to your guild

Guild Registrar

General Notes

Open Dressing Room

  • ^[Left Click] to open the dressing room and preview armor appearance
  • ^[Right Click] to open item modification window

PvP Flag

The PvP flag will time out after five minutes;

  1. The PvP flag will clear after five minutes, even out in the open world.
  2. If you buff yourself, it counts as buffing a PvP player, which renews the flag.
  3. Go AFK for five minutes if you are having problems getting it cleared.

Hiding the UI

If you want to hide the UI, use ^U


The Ventrilo Push To Talk key won't work when started normally. The fix run it with Administration rights. Right click on it and choose to Run As Administration. This should allow your PTT key to be recognized even when SWTOR is the active window.


  • When trying to maneuver or work a difficult jump. Try turning off SPRINT. Moving at normal speed often helps.
  • When trying to maneuver or work a difficult jump. Try turning off RUN. Walking give you more control.
  • If you overshoot while trying to drop to a lower ledge, turn off SPRINT, RUN and back off the ledge you are on.

Conversation Subtitles

  • Preferences > User Interface > Conversation > "Display Subtitles for Conversations"

This should turn on subtitles for all conversation.

  • You need a chat tab that has the "Conversation" system channel enabled to see the cutscene conversations.
  • Outside of cutscenes, NPC's use the "System Feedback" channel just like every other system message.

External Links

Skill Calculator

Star Wars Hub Skill Calculator


Imperial Companion Gifts

Republic Companion Gifts

User Interface

If you can't see your chat box;

  • Hover the mouse over the area to see if auto-hide has been turned on in your preferences.
  • Clicking ^U twice will reload the UI, which might help
  • Try clicking the arrow button in the way upper left corner of the screen.
    • It is the "hide chat" button
    • Not the button next to your planet

Quick UI Customization Menu

To open, tap the plus symbol (+) above the lock symbol near main character quick bar icon.

  • Add a second row to the Lower Quick bar -- select Extended Quickbars
  • To copy the UI settings of another character -- select the character save file name

Load Alternate UI

UI files can be found in this location:


The UI editing GUI allows you to save current settings and load alternate ones.

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