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You can change the current mission focus at any time from the Primary Mission LOG screen (P).

Getting an AtlasPass

  • v1 -- Given by Polo after the second mission, it can open the cylindrical drops.
  • v2 -- Given by Polo, it cannot open the cylindrical drops, so you need to carry v1 & v2.
  • v3 -- Given by Polo after the Sentinal killing mission, it can open all items and doors.

If you can craft the V3, that is the only one you should need.

As of Beyond;

Apparently now you will get it if you go to a facility where you have to shoot out the door. One of the options after solving the quiz is to get recipes.

I haven't figured out what triggers getting the recipe option, but I was able to get v1 & v2 this way.

The Nexus

Killing in the Nexus

By default, the game allows VR players to punch normal players to death in what should be a safe zone.

  • Press p (on pc)
  • Go to "options"
  • select "network & voice"
  • select "Can damage players"
  • change it to "no one" ...

You should now be invulnerable to all player damage, including VR players in nexus.

While you are at it, make sure "Can add base parts" and "Can delete base parts" are also set to "No one".