Varanjar:Halgar's Sword

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An adventure's quest in Halgarad in Thestra

Lore (Quest Dialogue)

Salagor Patog tells you. "Hello there, yourname.

"It's been some time, but I see that you have gotten stronger since I last saw you. Maybe you are ready to serve under a Thane. Go to Halgar's Sword, our offensive post responsible for assaulting the Den of Shadows. Speak to Sheild Dagobert, I am certain he'll have something for you to do. I've marked his location in your journal."


Seek out Shield Dagobert at Halgar's Sword. His location is marked in your journal.


Shield Dagobert looks over you, asking, "Salagor sent you?"

Shield Dagobert says, "So, Salagor Patog sent you, eh?"

Dagobert chuckles. "He's always had a fondness for new recruits. No matter, I definately have something for you to do!"