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In Vanguard, the paper-dolls used on the Vanguard Players web site are called Portraits.

Basic Portraits

You can take portraits of your characters in Vanguard with the /portrait command. Just switch your character’s appearance to whichever sphere you want to take a portrait of (Adventuring, Diplomacy, etc.) and type /portrait.

If you are on your mount, a mount portrait will be taken. You can also force your character in to a combat stance by typing /forcecombatstance on.

These portraits are placed against a pre-set background and automatically uploaded and added to your character’s profile page on

Manual Portrait Creation

  1. Get a nice picture of yourself (the default key for screenshots is the numberpad minus key)
  2. Crop/scale it to 800 pixels high, 600 pixels wide.
  3. Save it somewhere on your desktop.

How to Upload Your Paper-Doll Portrait to the Vanguard Players Site

  1. Log into VG Players with your station account.
  2. Click on you character name (should appear in right menu or in the left-menu dropdown)
  3. Click the 'Media' link
  4. Click 'Portrait Gallery' link
  5. Click the portrait you want to change (adventuring, diplomacy, etc).
  6. Scroll down, and at the bottom you can browse to your picture, and then click upload.
  7. Check the "Lock this image" checkbox to keep the game from replacing your image.