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Death starting at level seven

After you reach level 7, when you die, you must either travel back to the place you died, to recover your items, or you may use the gravestone at the location you respawned, to summon your items to you.

  • If you travel back to the place where you died and recover your items, you will get back half of the XP lost.
  • If you summon your items, via the gravestone, you will not get back any XP.

Lost in the dark?

Telonian nights are dark, so get yourself some light. The letter K will light a torch for you. Shift-K will light a second torch.

UI arrangement

To rearrange the UI, go to Game Menu -> Settings -> Interface and select Layout Mode. Rearrange the UI and uncheck Layout Mode when you are done.

MOB Dots

  • One dot = Squash it under yer foot
  • Two dot = Solo mob
  • Three dot = duo/trio
  • Four dot = small group
  • Five dot = full well balanced group
  • Six dot = raid mob, multiple groups

Now keep in mind this is what they are aiming for, but isn't necessarily the way things work. Three dot mobs are soloable by a lot of classes and a few classes can solo four dot mobs. Some people claim that five dot mobs drop faster than the four dot ones. In fact, one group claims that they have killed a few six dot mobs that fell as easy as four dot ones.

So, with that, take the list with a grain of salt, but that's what they want the system to mean.

MOB Color Con

The color con is just as important, if not more so than the dots and may be the reason for the inconsistancies listed above.

gray, lt blue, dk blue, white, yellow, red, purple 
  • White is equal to your level
  • Dk blue a little lower
  • Lt blue much lower
  • Gray, much much lower no XP value
  • Yellow a little above
  • red a bit above
  • purple definately above and usually not worth the XP vs time to take.

Any two dot mobs up to red seem to be perfectly acceptable for solo/grinding and one report stated that a purple two dot needed for a quest was no problem to take.

Three dot mobs up to red were fine to take as well, but purples tended to have just enough resist to make mana usage tricky.

For four dot mobs, yellows were about the breaking point for efficiency.

Five dot mobs haven't been tested, most are in dungeons.


Vanguard quests can use custom names for money. For example, in Tanvu the quest text will tell you that you have received "6 x Monem", which actually means you've received 6 copper.

Location Name Reality
Tanvu Monsen Copper