Vanguard Hotkeys and Keyboard Shortcuts

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To Move Your Character Around

W ↑ Numpad 8 moves you forward
S ↓ Numpad 2 moves you backward
A ← Numpad 4 turn left
D → Numpad 6 turn right
Space Jump

F Keys (Function Keys)

F1 targets self
F2-F6 Target party members in order

Camera View

F9 controls your camera view: first person (the default), third person, while in third person view you can hold down the left mouse button and move mouse around to see all around your character. Note: you can also use the scroll wheel on the mouse to move from first to third person.

User Interface Toggle On/Off

F10 This will turn off your chat windows so you have a clean view of the scenery, useful for taking screenshots, the screenshot command is the minus (-) key on the number pad.


Shift+C or I is Consider
Tilde ~ toggles auto-attack on or off
Tab Select through targets

Hot key Banks

Hot key bar is there for you to map abilities with the numbers across the top of you keyboard. From left to right 1 – 0 including - and = keys holding Shift plus 1 - 0 will toggle through the 10 Hotkey banks.

Tab will cycle you through the nearest targets
X allows you to rest. (Once combat is complete)
F is for Chains
G is for Counter
Y is for Sympathetic
V is for Rescue

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shift+C or I considers your current target.
H hails the selected NPC
B opens and closes your Inventory
C will bring up your character window, or close it. Items in your inventory that appear in red are not available for use until you reach a higher level or are not allowed for your race/class.
L opens your Quests log, here you also have Work Orders tab for Crafting and Locations for getting your Waypoints.
K lights your torch (Shift + K lights torch 2)
M opens the in game map.
N toggles NPC names on or off.
O opens your Social window; this is your Friends list and Guild management tool
P opens your Abilities and Spell book as you get new abilities you can drag and drop them onto your Hotkey bar.
U opens doors
[Bracket] Keys adjust the clipping plane.
Keys 1 through + key activate the first twelve slots of your hot bar.
Enter brings up cursor for command or communication entry.
Num Lock locks on auto run toggle off.
Insert , 0 Page Up, 9 (num pad) rotates camera view below.
Delete or Page Down 3, . (num pad) rotates camera view above.
Home, End, 7, 1 (num pad) places view to default.
* (num pad) inspect current target.