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Communication Chat Commands

/say <message> This is how you can speak to people in your close vicinity.
/shout <message> This is how you can reach many people a greater distance away from you than /say.
/tell <player’s name> <message> This is how you communicate privately with another player. T is also a keyboard shortcut for /tell.
/reply <message> This is how you reply to a /tell. R is a keyboard shortcut for /reply.
/group <message> This is how you speak to your group members only. Type /group or /g then your message.
/raid <message> This channel is for multiple groups in a raid. /raid then message
/guild <message> This is for internal guild communications Type /guild or /gu then message
/ooc <message> Used to indicate a statement that does not necessarily deal with the game (“Out of Character”) in a public chat channel
/auction <message> This channel is for, you got it auctions want to buy/want to sell.
/question <message> A general channel designed to ask questions regarding game play quests and more.
/petition <message> “I want to talk to a Game Master (GM)” an in game channel that only GM’s and Crimson Fellowship Knights listen to.
/bug Opens /bug window This opens the Bug window where you can report what occurred to you in game or an issue with the game.
  • Tip: typing the command /leave (channel name) will take you out of the channel, use /join (channel name) to enter a channel.