VG:Tanvu Diplomacy Notes

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The Six Steps on the Way of Harmony

  • Harmonious Outlook
  • Harmonious Intent
  • Harmonious Speech
  • Harmonious Action
  • Harmonious Effort
  • Harmonious Station

Harmonious Station

Harmonious Station is most important to the Empire as their position in the society is determined by their usefulness to the Empire.

The Ten Magistrates

The Ten Magistrates were once rulers of vast lands in the old Empire, and now assist the Emperor in the rule of the archipeloago and its islands. Each Magiztrate family and house has authority over parts of Tanvu and the islands.


Bureaucracy of the Written Word

Percept of Lessor Wisdom

The School of Lessor Wisdom teaches me that I need not possess humility to advance in society.

Bureaucracy of the Spoken Word

Bureaucracy of the Mind's Whisper


Tanvu House Alignments

  • Aurora and Threecranes are primaries in the war against the Ulvari
  • Summersky are assumed to be infected
  • Goldendoor, Wintersun and Lotusfield seemingly embrace the Ulvari
  • Dawnstar is playing with fire
  • Jadedragon remains impartial
  • Wintersun are sometimes allies, but are dark in nature
  • Windwalkers desire to be allies, but Magistrate and elders are controled by the Ulvari

Tanvu Families

  • Aurora: with Voices
  • Threecranes: see forward in time