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Description: The label given sentinels when you exit your craft.

Planetary Label: The lable given sentinels when you scan the planet from orbit.

Description Mode Planetary Label
Low L2
Isolated ?
Remote ?
Spread Thin ?
Minimal L3
Irregular Patrols ? High Sentinel Activity
Observant ? High Sentinel Activity
Frequent ? High Sentinel Activity
Regular Patrols L7 High Sentinel Activity
Unwavering ? High Sentinel Activity
Attentive ? High Sentinel Activity
Enforcing ? High Sentinel Activity
Requires Orthodoxy ? High Sentinel Activity
Malicious H3 Aggressive Sentinels
Inescapable H3 Aggressive Sentinels


Here are some examples of Sentinel's behaviors. The following terms are grouped into an alarm level with a sequence number, like low 1 (L1) or high 2 (H2).

The alarm levels are from the main game wiki.

Passive (L1)

Does not engage player regardless of any actions done by the player to the planet that the Sentinels reside on. However, they still may become active if a player continues to mine near its presence or when it starts scanning.

Relaxed (L8)

Sentinels are far less common and engaging in comparison to "Average" behavior. During the exploitation of resources, they next-to-never spawn nearby. Their scouting speed is reduced and they often ignore the player even if they are mischievous. They quickly lose interest, even during combat, and don't really try to pursue the player.

Limited (L10), Low (L2), Low Security (L6), Minimal (L3)

Few Sentinels around, those that are present react like "Average" sentinels to even the smallest mining near them.

Average (L4), Regular (L7), Standard (L5), Typical (L9)

The most common and normal state of Sentinels. Will engage players once they witness the player killing an animal unprovoked, or over-mining a planet's resources.

Threatening (H5)

Sentinels are more sensitive in comparison to "Average" behavior.

Frenzied (H2), High Security (H3)

Sentinels kill on sight after spotting the player and scanning for five (5) seconds. Their exhaust is red.

Aggressive (H1), Hostile (H4)

Sentinels will immediately attack on sight after spotting a player. Their exhaust is red. Extremely accurate aiming and fast movement. Higher tiered sentinels like walkers can already appear on alarm level 2.