Sarnak Assassin Goes to Qeynos

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This is to document the route my Sarnak Assassin took to be come a Qeynos citizen... and the consequences.

Initial Status

Level 23
Status Points 3,478

City Faction

Qeynos -50,000 Scowls
Exile -50,000 Scowls
Kelethin -50,000 Scowls
Freeport 5,000 Indifferent
Neriak 5,000 Indifferent
Gorowyn 40,450 Ally

Faydwer Factions

Clan Crushbone -50,000 Scowls
The Irontoe Brigade 2,100 Indifferent

Kunark Factions

Mountain Throms of Mok Island 10,000 Ally

Step 1: From Gorowin to Freeport

  1. Talk to Ambassador Godwin in Gorowyn to start the Freeport Citizen quest.
  2. Take the Griffin to Butcherblock and catch the boat to the Nektulos Forest.
  3. Make the run through Nektulos Forest to the Commonlands.
  4. Cross the Commonlands to East Freeport (Use the Griffin and catch the bell at the Fisherman's Dock.)
  5. From East Freeport. it is only a short run to West Freeport, where the Freeport Militia House is located.
  6. Give your papers to Ambassador Zrelach
Gain Freeport Citizenship
Gain Call of the Overlord
Lose Call of Gorowyn

Resulting Faction Changes

Qeynos -50,000 Scowls
Exile -50,000 Scowls
Kelethin -50,000 Scowls
Freeport 40,000 Ally
Neriak 5,000 Indifferent
Gorowyn -15,000 apprehensive

Betraying Freeport

In West Freeport at the Blood Haze Inn you need to find Izzay, a Ratonga.

  1. Listening in for Qeynos - You must be at least level 10 to receive this quest
  2. Timing the Night Shift - This one can only be done at night - game time.
  3. Resetting the Militia
  4. Destroy the Weapons Cache


  1. Talk to Scout Elrohir to complete the previous quest.

Resulting Faction Changes

Qeynos -50,000 Scowls
Exile 10,000 amiably
Kelethin -50,000 Scowls
Freeport -50,000 Scowls
Neriak -50,000 Scowls
Gorowyn -15,000 apprehensive

Haven Quests

  1. Welcome to Haven

Qeynos Faction

Start with Gil McMartin in the Commonlands.

Sad to say, all of the higher level faction quests require you to be able to fight multiple, white mobs. Without any non-stealth AE attacks and no heals, an Assassin will find them difficult, if not impossible.

Also, be aware that the guards in the city will all see through your stealth. The ones in the outlying districts are not a problem, but the ones in the city will take you down quick.

You must raise your faction with the City of Qeynos to the point (10,000:Amiable) where the city guards will not kill you on sight.

Once your faction with the Qeynos is at +10,000 (amiable) or higher, Gil McMartin will offer you a new quest to go talk to [Vishra] outside the Concordium Tower in South Qeynos to start the Qeynos Citizenship quests.

Gaining Freeport Faction

Start with Gol M'Tun near the North Gate of Qeynos

Gaining Kelethin Faction

Start with Gibrien Marsden on the Green Knoll.

Gaining Neriak Faction

Start with Phaerdriira Z'Zea'Val or Drizas N'Ryt.

Gaining Gorowyn Faction

Start with Darkuli Mirt`ha in the Assembly of Gorowyn.

It may be possible to regain my Gorowyn Faction by killing mobs in Kunark.

Qeynos Citizenship

Faction After Completing the Faction Quests

Qeynos +10,000 amiably
Exile +10,000 amiably
Kelethin -50,000 Scowls
Freeport -50,000 Scowls
Neriak -50,000 Scowls
Gorowyn -15,000 apprehensive


  1. Becoming a Citizen of Qeynos
  2. The Fulfillment of Dreams
  3. Quieting Discontent
  4. Freeport to Qeynos - Acceptance

The conversion is from Assassin to Ranger.