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In EQII, the paper-dolls are used on the Everquest II Players web sites.

Official Instructions

The ability to take a screenshot of your paperdoll does exist, though there is no keyboard shortcut for it by default. To create a keymap for that function, use Alt-O to open up your Options window, then click on Controls, and finally the plus sign next to Command Keys. From there, you can make a keyboard shortcut for "Paperdoll Screen Shot". The picture will be saved in your main EverQuest II directory under the name Paperdoll_CharacterName.jpg.

Creating and Uploading a Paper-Doll Image

You can create a paper-doll image of your characters in Everquest II with the SHIFT-PRINTSCREEN.

These images are automatically named and placed in C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest II\screenshots.

The better way

The paperdoll screenshots are 170 x 305 pixel images. So make a normal screenshot, crop and edit it to 170 x 305, and upload it as your paperdoll screenshot. The Bio image is 170 x 225, so just make an image of that dimension for Bio.

To Upload an Image

  1. Log into EQII Players with your station account.
  2. Under the left navigation bar, under Station Players, click Characters
  3. Select the character whose paper-doll you want to upload
  4. Select the MEDIA tab, followed by the Manage Images link
  5. Your image should be in C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest II\screenshots