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This page is a Work In Progress. Contents on this page may change at any time. The current content should not be considered "finished" for purposes of quality control.

This document describes how to create a page on the Vanguard Crafters' Wiki for an NPC Role. Pages created using these instructions make use of Template:Role to display the information you enter, and will automatically gather information from other related pages in the wiki and display it under appropriate headings.

Creating the page

When creating a new page for an NPC, you should start by inserting the following boilerplate text into an empty page:

|name = 
|description = 
<!-- Insert any extra information here -->

Entering parameters

You should then edit this boilerplate text to add all relevant information about the NPC Role. You should delete any lines that do not apply.

Each entry should be used as followed:

Parameter Description Example
name (required) The name of the NPC Role. Finishing Taskmaster
description (optional) A description of the Role Assigns Work Orders that use Finishing Skills

You may also insert addition information where it says . That information will be displayed after any information that the Template generates and displays.

Categories, Attributes and Relationships

Pages created using these instructions will use the following Categories, Attributes, and Relationships.

You can use any of these in queries using SMW.

Role All NPC Roles belong to this category