Legendary Server Progression

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This information comes from tweets, blog posts and random internet conversations. A lot of this information came from the Wiki Patch list.

Apparently, no one has a timeline for regular updates that is easy to follow, never mind a clean listing of Legendary Server progression status.

Expansions & Updates

  • Volume I: Official release of Lord of the Rings Online -- April 2007
  • Volume II: Mines of Moria -- November 2008
  • Volume III: Siege of Mirkwood -- September 2009

Progression Progress

  • November 2018 -- Launch of two “legendary” (progression) servers, Anor and Ithil
  • March 2019 -- Mines of Moria
  • June 2019 -- Siege of Mirkwood
  • September 2019 -- Rise Of Isengard
  • unknown -- Shores of the Great River