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General Hints

  • Lost in game? Ask a guard for directions to trainers, brokers, vendors (including mount vendors), mailboxes etc.
  • You can buy an inexpensive horse at level 10 in most mainland cities.
  • You can rent an inexpensive flying mount for a short period of time near most destination riftway srystals
  • Lost on a quest? Recheck your quest log (read it carefully!!) You also can often toggle on a compass pointer there to the next stage of the quest.
  • Items labeled May be of interest to a merchant are safe to sell to a vendor, they have no other purpose.
  • You can change your character's appearance at any time in the Character Select Screen ('Customize')
  • Your Social icon includes information on Guilds recruiting for new members
  • Need a group? Make sure to use the LFG tab in the social window!
  • You can add a custom afk message by typing /afk <message>
  • Most merchants are willing to buy pieces of monsters that you kill for a few copper or silver. Just don't ask what they do with them...
  • If you're a melee class, you can control which weapons you specialize in by using the + and - buttons in your skill sheet. Specializing in a weapon helps you hit more often.
  • Just about everything you might need while adventuring can be created for you by a crafter.
  • Diplomats can trigger buffs for everyone in a city.

Slash "/" Commands

  • For specific help with crafting and diplomacy, /join craft or /join diplomacy for help in those chat channels.
  • Use /petition if you need ingame help from a Game Master (GM) help from a Game Master (GM)
  • /rope will allow a player to be pulled to you if he is within range
  • /corpse will allow you to drag a tombstone away from danger
  • /consent player will allow someone else to drag your corpse
  • /consent group will allow anyone in your group to drag your corpse
  • /targetmynearestcorpse - target your corpse without actually being able to see it. If you are close enough, you can even pull it through walls to you with the /corpse command.

Combat Hints

  • You can use the F1 key to target yourself, and F2-F6 to target your group members.
  • Use the F8 key in combat to target the nearest NPC in front of you, and F7 to target the nearest player

More General Hints

  • Hold down Left + Right mouse button at the same time to move forward.
  • Active Quest - look at your compass for the red line and head that direction.
  • Tab key targets the closest mob.
  • Screenshot is the minus (-) key on number pad and is stored in Program Files/Sony/Vanguard/Screenshots folder.
  • Riftways have color codes - Purple is Free and can be used by low level players - Green is next with a low 'price' and higher level etc
  • You are not confined to your starting area - you can travel to the other areas for Quests and adventuring (use the purple Riftways).
  • Chat - on the left side of the chat box are little 'circles' - click the top one for some options.