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A lot of this information came from the forum thread: Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Winds of Change

Take a look at your adornments.

  • Have you done the panda quest?
    • You get a nice buff from a set of 4 white adorns, including a small fervor buff.
    • There are also 4 ears/wrist orange adorns and several more flexible ones.
  • Your white adornments are not optional. The buffs you get from it add up.
    • Look for adornments.
    • Level 1 is better than nothing, especially in the Ability Mod slots.
  • Green adornments

You could be eating better food too, Stormborn Souffle and Monsoon should be affordable.

Check your AA's.

You should buy some Twark potions of Prowess and use them even for solos, they're not that expensive.The thorns potion from Thallumbra can really help mages because you can't riposte if you didn't take the AA to get parry, and even then the riposte is minimal in comparison. For some reason the, Twark potion of thorns. has very small damage in comparison.

I can't see your mount from eq2u but I suspect that's where you're missing some health.

Give your merc the armor you got for free from Tishan (you can get a second copy of them), and once you have faction with someone, buy their accolades for your merc.

It can happen that you're in a zone and suddenly you feel like you're not doing any damage. Either your Fount buff turned off mysteriously or you have to check AAs between battles and make sure the commit button is NOT active. If you can click it, then you have to click the button next to it, re-save... then cast all your "until canceled" buffs, recast your pet, etc.. and when ready, fight again... After the next fight check the AAs again, I've had to do this multiple times in solo zones lately.

Try to get ALTS to around 10 million health with quested and free gear, or close. You shouldn't have to invest in very long questlines to qualify for solos. But all the other ducks need to be in a row. And unfortunately, there are a large quantity of ducks to get in order.