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Originally Posted by Brad McQuaid

“The general idea is that there are some people who have close friends they want to group with but also have different amounts of time they can commit to playing an MMOG. The Fellowship system is for these people to whom staying together is so important that they will sacrifice some of their own experience to give to these close friends so they *can* stay relatively together in terms of level.”

“…A group of friends would form a persistent social construct called a Fellowship. Then, say there were 3 in the Fellowship, but only 2 were logged on, a percentage of the exp earned by the 2 would go to the third such that his level was kept at or near his 2 friends.”


  • All experience you earn is split amongst the members of the fellowship, even members who are offline.
  • When you are in debt or have lost experience, your experience will be devoted to repaying your debt/loss before you resume contributing to the fellowship.
  • Fellowships are completely independent from groups; you can be a member of both at the same time.


  • Fellowships can have a maximum of six members.
  • You must be within five levels of every member of the fellowship in order to join.
  • You must be within a few meters distance to invite a player to your fellowship.
  • If you leave your fellowship or are removed, you may not join another one for four hours of online played time.
  • Members who are offline do not receive their experience until they log on. (Be careful when using the system to level up rarely-played characters, as their skills will fall behind, thus they will be very weak for their levels!)

How To Start A Fellowship

Interested in creating a fellowship? Simply target your friend, right click your defensive target window, and select Invite to Fellowship.

You administer the fellowship from the social window. The default key is 'O' to open the "Fellowship" tab.

Name Your Fellowship

The leader can also name your fellowship, and set a message of the day, and each member can attach a brief note to themselves.