Everquest II Lore and Legends

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Lore and Legend quests, also known as Enemy Mastery quests, involve the study of various creatures to learn more about them. In order to gain knowledge about these creatures, you must find and study various body parts. You can find suitable body parts for your studies by killing the type of creature you wish to learn more about.

Title Starts In
Centaur Thundering Steppes The book to begin this quest can often be found on a bed in The Village of Thundermist.
Giant Thundering Steppes Seek out the book to begin this quest by examining a tarp at the gnoll camp in the northwest area of Thundering Steppes.
Gnoll Antonica Look for a box at the Keep of the Gnollslayers. Examining this box will initiate the "Lore and Legend: Gnoll" quest.
Kobold Butcherblock Mountains Docks, bookcase
Orc The Commonlands Explore the area known as the Crossroads near Impeila Abbetus. You will find a shield that can be examined to initiate the "Lore and Legend: Orc" quest.
Clan Crushbone (Greater Faydark) Inside the Clan Crushbone castle, to the left of the entrance, is a weapons rack. Shaking the rack will drop a book. Reading the book will initiate the "Lore and Legend: Orc" quest.
Shadowed Man South Qeynos Mage Tower, book
North Freeport Academy of Arcane Science, blue book
Skeleton Stormhold You can initiate this quest in Stormhold. Look for a book that can sometimes be found with Stormhold's library.
Zombie Fallen Gate You can find the book to initiate this quest within a pot by the tents in Fallen Gate.
Title Starts In