Everquest II Lore

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Trying to figure of the timeline needed to get caught up on the Lore;

These are rough notes from the forum discussions.

  • First learn To Speak as a Dragon.
  • Talk to the Othmir on the Sinking Sands Docks.
  • Learn to fly
  • Then Whittered Lands and Cobalt Scar
  • Then Obol Plains
  • Then do Mark of the Awakened
  • Then go to Vespyrr Islands
  • The Shadow Odyssey is before Sentinels Fate.

Timelines to follow

Quest Level Starting Zone Journal Difficulty Timeline Introduced Comments
To Speak as a Dragon 50 Lavastorm Epic Prismatic Weapon Timeline Use your mercenary to pull when caged.
Learn to Fly 86 Great Divide Solo Destiny of Velious Two options; adventure or tradeskill
Harbingers of Change 75-80 (many) Solo Jarsath Wastes Timeline Rise of Kunark