Everquest II Harvesting

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Tier One (Skill required: 1)

Isle of Refuge, The Peat Bog, The Caves I, The Caves II, The Forest Ruins, Oakmyst Forest, The Sprawl, The Sunken City, The Graveyard, The Ruins

Harvest Node Common Items Rare Items
Aggravation of Quickfin, Cluster of Fish, Collection of Fish, Group of Fish, Variety of Fish Coldwind flounder, Feeble quickfin, Frog leg, Sunfish
Creature Den, Critter Den Deer meat, Rawhide leather pelt, Turtle meat Waxed leather pelt
Compound Ore, Curddy Ore, Dismal Ore, Dusty Ore, Dusky Ore, Rugged Ore, Unearthed Stone Leaded loam, Tin cluster Bronze, Salts*, Solidified Loam
Eroded Stone, Excavated Stone, Exhumed Stones, Misty Stone, Moss Encased Stone, Rigid Stone, Rustic Stone Lead cluster, Rough malachite Copper, Lapis Lazuli
Decomposed Arbor, Dense Felled Arbor, Felled Arbor, Fetid Arbor, Gangly Arbor, Grizzled Arbor, Withered Arbor Severed elm Severed Alder
Feeble Roots, Moldy Roots, Muddy Roots, Pale Roots, Stale Roots, Wilted Roots Roots Yarrow
Natural Garden Barley, Baubleshire cabbage, Jumjum, Raw basil, Raw black coffee, Raw pecan, Raw white tea leaf
Piperacae Pepper*
  • Note: Salts and Pepper can only be found on the new player Isles

Tier Two (Skill required: 20)

Antonica, Blackburrow I, II, III, Firemyst Gully,The Commonlands, The Wailing Caves A & B, Fallen Gate, The Vault of the Fallen

Harvest Node Common Items Rare Items
Band of Fish, Shoal of Fish Crab meat, Freewater grouper, Golden cichlid Glowing Scale
Critter Den Elephant meat, Tanned leather pelt, Vulrich meat Cured Leather Pelt, Glowing Tooth
Callous Ore, Cloven Ore LIron cluster, Salty Loam Alkaline Loam, Blackened Iron, Glowing Stone
Sandwashed Rock, Wind Swept Rock Electrum cluster, Rough turquoise Glowing Stone, Rough Coral, Silver Cluster
Wind Felled Tree Severed maple Glowing Flower, Severed Bone
Desert Roots, Plains Roots Tuber strands Glowing Flower, Sisal
Oasis Shrubbery, Plains Shrubbery Antonican coffee bean, Murdunk orange, Raw black tea leaf, Raw carrot, Raw black walnut, Raw thyme, Raw vanilla, Raw wheat Glowing Flower
Decrepit Bones Severed Bone