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  1. How can I put a spell onto a hot key?

There's a spell bar. It has eight oval slots to start with and a book icon at the bottom. Hit the book to open your spell book or use the /book command. If you have context menus enabled in Options (Alt+O), you can right-click an oval slot to bring up a menu of spells you have in your spell book.

The spell bar is the only place where you can assign spells. In other words, you can only have eight spells available to start with without re-memorizing some thing else. This is not like EQ2, where you can cast any spell you know. Alt+# is the default short cut for casting spell gems 1-8 or however many you have. You can earn more slots at higher levels with alternative advancement points.

For the hot keys, the simple way is to click and hold a spell gem until it appears on your cursor, then place it in hotbar hot key slot. All this will do is cast the spell gem number when you click it, same as clicking that spell gem. If you change the spell in the spell gem, the hot key will change to match the spell gem change. The simple macro command that does the same thing is /cast # where # is the spell gem number (1 at the top).