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This Journal UI will greatly improve the way you update your personal Questlist, as well as ensure that the general Questlist will stay as accurate as it can be.

The UI adds a new tab to the Quest Journal where all the Questlist functions can be accessed, and in the latest version it even attempts to update your questlist automatically when you start or complete a quest or collection, no more having to remember to click a button.

I couldn't find any user focused information, so I decided to pull the documentation together into one FAQ.


Updating the Questlist

Whenever you start or complete a quest, the UI automatically attempts to update the status in the questlist.

Making Questlist Viewable

Under Personal -> Change Settings is an option to allow your quest list to be included in the User Questlist listing on the fluffy web site.

Marking a Quest Completed

The method used to make the UI mark quests as completed automatically, monitors the quest reward popup and uses your acceptance of the reward to verify the status. Since the popup is also used to grant rewards for partial quest completion for some quests (TS writs), a checkbox has been added to the popup. Un-check it to prevent the quest from being marked as completed.

Logging In

Entering your password from the game

There is a UI "feature" that will bite you when you loggin. When you hit enter your username and the cursor advances to the password field, it will eat the first character. Hit backspace one time to insure the first letter of your password is actually sent to the server.


See the main site's Installation Page for instructions on installing this UI modification to your system.