EQ2 Markable Items

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EQ2 has items scattered everywhere that are "Markable". If you click on it, the description will include a statement "xxx was here". There is a timeout of unknown length, which will allow a new person to 'mark" the item.


  • A broken stone (this is visible from both sides of the rock fall)


  • A Valkyries Sword
  • A Preserved Wolf

Feerrott (East)

  • Chest (underwater)

Outpost of the Overlord

  • Falconer's Treats

Queen's Colony

  • An Ancient Chest (Bottom of the bay... 83, -13, 32)
  • A Message in a Bottle (on beach -92, -10, 114)

The Down Below

  • Chest of Skulls (adjacent to the entrances to North Qeynos and the Elddar Grove)

Forest Ruins

  • Condemned Catacomb Entrance (North of building at 1,044, -19, -801)

Vermin's Snye

  • A message in a bottle