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Level: 10 to 16

PvP Area On This Planet
Bestiary Entries {{#lst:Bestiary Entries|Coruscant-Original}}
Datacron Locations {{#lst:Coruscant-Original Datacrons|Coruscant-Original}}
Lore Locations {{#lst:Lore Locations|Coruscant-Original}}
Place Locations {{#lst:Place Locations|Coruscant-Original}}
Organization Entries {{#lst:Organization Entries|Coruscant-Original}}
Persons of Note {{#lst:Persons of Note|Coruscant-Original}}
Species Entries {{#lst:Species Entries|Coruscant-Original}}

Note: To complete the world map, you need to enter the Space Port and take the elevator up to the shuttle bay. Go up to the platform in front of and above the shuttles. There is a beam there that goes up to the roof. Walk up the beam and stick your head up through the roof. You get your last map entry. Pictures can be found at this link; Discover Coruscant Spaceport