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This page is for listing Templates available on this Wiki.

Help using templates

Templates make editing pages quicker, see the individual template for usage. See also

Sort key

If you want an item in a list to be positioned in that order, based on an alternative name (sort key) for that item, then this can be specified in the category tag that places the item in the list:

[[Category:category name|sort key]]

For example to add an article called [[Template:People]] to the category "people" and have the article sorted by "People". You would type "[[Category:People|People]]".

In addition, make sure to put no space on either side of the | symbol or it will not sort correctly. "[[Category:People|People]]" is correct, "[[Category:People | People]]" is not.

There are also subpages that get pulled into another page just like templates, but are not really useful to anyone else; perhaps they've just been split off to make it easier to edit. Subpages like that do not have to be categorized as templates at all.


To put a template in Category: Templates:

  • Use <noinclude>[[Category:Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>.   The "<noinclude>" tags are necessary because without them, you end up categorizing all pages using the template in the template category!   Please also note the |{{PAGENAME}}.
  • If your template is meant to be used in-line, make sure that there are no line feeds after </noinclude>. If there are, it may work in flowing text, but it will misbehave in bullet lists.   You can have as many line feeds as you like between the noinclude tags though:
</noinclude>Text or graphic that is meant to be used in-line
  • Remember that a template can be put in multiple categories if it belongs to them all!
  • Or, if this is not quite the right category, go back to Category:Templates and try to find a better suited subcategory.